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Prime wind generator manufacturing co;ltd. factory manufacturing lines located in Foshan city, China in 1998 with the purpose of supplying people with the knowledge and appliances necessary to generate pure and natural wind energy into ecologically electricity through the use of wind turbines.
                  is not only our company name but also our wind turbine products brand/logo, designed for the needs of the small wind turbine markets, PWG has been in reasearch and developing wind turbine ganrators for homeuse, streetlight system use(200W-400W), farmer use(1kw-30kw), industrial use(50kw-100kw), manufacturer who are looking for a environmentally and cost-effective green genery widely used by person in the daily life.
With fast development of reaserch, manufacturing and business, PWG now has developed a unique China wind generator with automatic untwisting function, automatic yawing and manual yawing, matched controller with electronic and manual brake etc system manufacturer.
Wind turbine generators-have been exported to over 40 countries, mainly markets are in Europe and US etc countries.
More information about our company, pls log in our products projects to get more details wind turbine technical specification and photos etc.